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InfraSoft's portfolio is based on the conceptual product solutions Triology Trails (platform), Tracks (application factory) and Steps ®(methodology) linking existing off the shelf SCADA. The Trails suite platform consists of the conceptual elaboration of an architecture making use of modular building blocks forming a supporting technical layer enabling vertical integration to other application platforms. 

From Assets to analytics, consolidated data and the seamless integration of several techniques are central. Services and data are being combined at a central level avoiding techniques and functionalities being built and rebuilt within several applications, or the same data being stored several times at different locations.


The Tracks application factory consists of domain specific applications. Tracks are libraries, templates for re-usability. Steps contains of the workflow, skills  and methodology of the Tracks ecosystem. Trails are the raw materials and the recipes,Tracks the menu and the dishes, Steps the art of cooking based on the knowledge and experience from the cookbook,  A team of stakeholders with trust and shared vision  is your insurance policy for risc reduction.

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