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Imagine large infrastructure projects such as bridges, locks, tunnels, water treatment plants, wind mills, or building complexes. They all integrate multidisciplinary components such as camera's, communication devices, lighting, ventilation and heating.  

The software running and monitoring these distributed installations, is crucial to the success and safety of the project.

If you work without open standards, you can't just exchange or alter components. Custom code linking components can lead to a complicated and inflexible application

Furthermore: an infrastructure project like a bridge or tunnel is built to last for decades. If you need to change a component (for instance a camera becomes obsolete), you don't want to rewrite the entire software.

Even the smallest source code mistake cast cost a fortune by causing unplanned downtime, accidents and damage.

Infrasoft offers a very different approach. We develop software (based on SCADA) that makes it easy to link components and technologies used in an infrastructure project.

Our software platform enables you to link and integrate proven track record off the shelf components seamlessly. We promote configuration over custom programmation, which makes it easier for you to find the right talent to build your project. We are your insurance policy for reducing uncertainty inherent in software projects; 

With Infrasoft, you create a single interface to manage infrastructure projects. The applications you build can easily evolve to your next project.

As an added bonus, a large part of programming a project (the repetitive part) is automated!

All project data is centralised to allow for smart decision making. 

Thanks to our hypermodular approach, the entire system doesn't need testing when a single service is modified. And maintenance doens't grow over time, so your projects can be managed just as easy in the future.

This way, new team members can easily join the project and find the info they need.

That makes your total cost of ownership transparent.

Our team of professionals have been involved in infrastructure projects around the world for over 30 years. They don't just work on our software suite, but also offer support for your project.

Our software avoids external libraries that may not be compatibel, to improve the stability of your application.

We're a member of a strong industry group, therefor we can rely on astrong financial and operational backbone. This ensures continuity and offers garantees for the lifespan of your project.

Choose a software partner who offers a clear added benefit to your projects, choose Infrasoft.

Discover our durable infrastructure solutions at or contact our office.

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